Jewels Green at Why I’m Catholic!

What’s up with all the pro-life Protestants becoming Catholic? Randall Terry, Lila Rose, Norma McCorvey, the Rev. Paul Schenck, and Bryan Kemper are some of the big names, but many of the rank-and-file are following suit. It’s simple – the Catholic Church has the only coherent, well-developed Theology of the Body out there, and pro-life Protestants are coming to appreciate that. As a result, some remarkable things are happening.

Jewels Green’s life followed a predictably sad script: “pregnant at 17 and pressured into having an abortion” – “The guilt was overwhelming. I tried to take my own life” – “I remained vehemently and vocally pro-choice, in spite of my personal horrific experience with abortion” – “I got a job at an abortion clinic….”

She eventually left that job, but continued to consider herself a “pro-choice Lutheran.” But that started to change when she began discussing the sanctity of life with Catholics….

Read the conversion story of the former abortion clinic worker who can now say, “While being a faithful Catholic is not easy, it is right, and it is what God wants for us”!

Jewels Green at Why I’m Catholic

  1. Gina Nakagawa said:

    Thank you so much for the referral. This is another fine post.

  2. I was teaching a class recently on the Mass to about 50 folks at my parish. Before we got started, the facilitator went around the room asking people why they are Catholic. There were lots of good answers. For me, it always boils down to one thing, upon which everything else depends. I answered simply “it’s the truth.”

    • That’s ultimately the only answer that matters.

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