Are Atheists a Lost Cause? – Why I’m Catholic!

There’s a brand-new conversion story on Why I’m Catholic – FINALLY!

Richard Morgan was raised in a Congregationalist church, and converted to Mormonism as a teenager, even serving as a Mormon missionary. He eventually became disillusioned with the LDS belief system and embraced life as a committed atheist.

“What a relief it was to discover my real problem: I was a default position atheist. That discovery came through reading The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins. That truly was an experience of sweet relief.

I had become worn out and frustrated by my fruitless search for God.”

Now he’s Catholic.

If you need yet another example of the incredible work of God the Holy Spirit, check out Richard’s conversion story on Why I’m Catholic!

  1. Gina Nakagawa said:

    Beautiful and comforting post.

    • That’s why I love Why I’m Catholic! The work of the Holy Spirit is so clearly portrayed in all those conversions!

  2. An interesting journey that I also enjoyed reading. I am glad “Why I’m Catholic” is back online.

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