Mom and Dad Were Right: The Bible-Only Zone

I still remember the conversation with my Mom and Dad – But, honey, are you sure that you want to major in Modern Languages? What kind of a job are you going to be able to get? Wouldn’t you rather become a computer guru like George Sipe at Convert Journal?

But, I was 18 and I was foolish. While I was busy conjugating verbs in Turkish:

seviyorum (I love)

seviyorsun (you love)

seviyor (he, she, it loves)

seviyoruz (we love)

seviyorlar (they love)

George was learning how to produce stuff like this:


His closing monologue is even better than mine….

Imagine, if you will, a world outside of which is unknown to man. It is a flexible dimension as vast as printed words permit and as timeless as 5 centuries. It is the uninterpreted ground between light and shadow, between opinion and divine revelation, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his unrestrained desires. This is the dimension of Sola Scriptura. You’ve just crossed over into… The Bible-Only Zone.

Mom and Dad were right. But hey, if I can’t be a computer genius, I can at least have friends who are!!

Happy Halloween!

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