163 Posts Later

We shall forget the roads and what they are like, forget ourselves and abandon ourselves entirely to the wisdom, the goodness and the power of our Guide, and remember only to love You and avoid the slightest sin and fulfill all our obligations. This, my Beloved, is all Your children have to do. You take charge of everything else. Jean-Pierre de Caussade, Abandonment to Divine Providence

It all started when my daughter was asked to write a guest post on her G.A.’s blog on the topic of being Catholic at the local Baptist university. The first comment on that post was by Russ Rentler, whose name I recognized from the Crossed the Tiber blog. I wrote to thank him – he and his cohorts from Catholics are Christians provided sorely needed support when several Baptists got twisted out of shape over the fact that a Ca-Ca-Catholic had been allowed to write a guest post on a Protestant blog. Dr. Rentler suggested that I write our family’s “conversion” story, and very kindly posted it on his blog. He also asked if I had a blog. I told him I did not, but I said that if I had a blog, I would write about the unexamined assumptions that underlie so much of what I had believed as a Protestant.

It was that factor that finally pushed me into blogging. For nine years I had waited eagerly for Protestants of my acquaintance to inquire as to why I felt it necessary to become Catholic. Yet everyone I knew fell into one of two camps: those who believed that it didn’t matter what I believed – if Catholicism floated my boat, then who were they to argue about it? – and those who believed that I must be loony. I actually thought more of those who questioned my sanity than of those who felt that God was such a divine Doofus that He just doesn’t care what anybody believes, as if diametrically opposed doctrines (like the Evangelical belief in the purely symbolic nature of baptism and Holy Communion vs. the Catholic belief in regenerative baptism and the Real Presence) were merely different ways of saying the same thing! Neither group, however, wanted to discuss Catholic beliefs.

Nine years is a long time to wait.

So I started blogging, one year ago today. I was a teensy bit worried that no one would ever read what I wrote (a major concern considering that blogging, at least the way I do it, amounts to something like a part-time job), but with some great advertising from Crossed the Tiber and Why I’m Catholic (which is being updated and will return this fall!), readers started dropping by. One hundred and sixty-three posts later – here we are.

In honor of the anniversary, a few minors changes: at the top of the blog there are two new tabs, one with my series on the Mass (written to introduce Protestants to the subject) and another with my series on the discernment of the canon.

My most popular post this past year, by far, was one that was picked up by The Pulp.it, entitled “Former Catholics.” The secret to its popularity is in the title. Apparently everybody and his brother googles “former Catholics” and stumbles upon this post. Blogging brethren, if you ever want something you wrote to get read, entitle it “Former Catholics.” Even if it’s about creamed corn. People will read it.

After that, my most-clicked-on posts have been:

Protestant Jeopardy (thank you for the link, Mark Shea!!)

The Canon Controversy (the first post in my series on the canon)

The Objection to Relics (also picked up by The Pulp.it)

A Formal Pronouncement on the Canon (for those who didn’t want to wade through nearly 40 posts to find out how the canon series ended)

What were my favorite posts? Well, the ones I most enjoyed writing were my favorites. Bible Surgery was great fun, as was “If” For Catholics, The Scarlet O’Hara School of Devotion, Nun of the Above, and Tom, Dick and Teri Think Things Through as well as Tom, Dick and Teri Talk Again. I poured my heart into Stripped of His Garments, In The Beginning: Love, and Why I Don’t Go to Mass.

It’s interesting to note how people get to this blog in the first place. What do they search for that leads them here? A good number of people have visited the blog looking for information on Robert C. Girard, my pastor years ago at Our Heritage Wesleyan Methodist Church in Scottsdale, whom I discussed in Pastor Bob and the New Testament Church. Many people are looking for information on one of the martyrs in my sidebar. Others want to know more about the Marian Catechist Apostolate which I wrote about in Why My Life is a Shapeless Blob. And there are those who stumble by because they are searching for proof of their Protestant misconceptions, such as “magical properties of relics” or “Lent is unbiblical” or “when the Catholic Church started teaching false doctrine.” Glad you’re here, folks – you are the very reason this blog was started! You might want to check out Christians Who Really Believe, Catholic Ping-Pong, Serious Lipstick, Psyche in Hell and/or Those Medieval Monks You Were Warned About.

I always have to laugh when people can’t quite remember the name of the blog and start googling what they think it should be called. Forget the Roads or Forget the Road? I Forgot the Road? One person googled “leave the road Renée Lin.”

When they start googling “Renée Lin, GET OFF THE ROAD!!” – that’s when I’ll start having second thoughts!


On the memorial of St. Louis

Deo omnis gloria!

Photo courtesy of FreeBigPictures.com

  1. Russ said:

    Renee, I am so happy to see that your writing is getting out there!
    Keep up the great work, I believe the Holy Spirit will use your blog to bring many into a deeper relationship with Christ through the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    • May God bless you, Russ, and Steven Lawson for your persistence in getting conversion stories onto the Internet! I know He has used those stories to encourage those examining the claims of the Church!

  2. Gina Nakagawa said:

    Although Catholic since my infant Baptism, I have enjoyed every one of your posts. May God bless you and give you many years of writing such fine material.

  3. I read your blog at least 5 times a week. Its fun and very informative. As a former anti catholic evangelical {Pentecostal style non denominational Church with 5000 plus attendees and growing 97% of all this church are former Catholics.} For 15 years I believed with my then pastor Rajesh Mathew of Joshuageneration.org that all Catholics need to be saved! Today I thank God for all Catholic apologists who work hard to shed light on the truth as well as expose the lies and liars.. Blogs by Rene’e Lin played a important part in my journey back into in to the One Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church founded by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you Renée Lin and keep up the great work, there are many like me on the road who need to find their way back.

    • Thank you so much, A.J. Keep praying with me for all those on the road back home! I offer up my communion for you at every Mass!

  4. Ralph Bergmann said:

    Hi Renee,
    God bless you, and congratulations on doing your blogs with such great charm and humour, and well as seriousness which faith in Jesus and his one, holy, catholic and apostolic church requires. They are part of my regular daily reads, Keep forgetting the roads!

  5. Ralph, I have always appreciated your comments and encouragement. Please pray for me as I try to express the truths of the Faith accurately and in a compelling manner.

  6. Congrats Renée on your milestone! Your work is always informative, orthodox and funny — such as your new definition of indifferentism in this post (the heretical belief that God is a “divine Doofus”).

    • Thank you, George, and many thanks for your gracious technical assistance! 🙂

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