The Mary Effect

We all know that Jesus, as He endured His agony on the Cross, entrusted His Blessed Mother into the care of St. John the beloved disciple. But what effect did that event have on St. John? Specifically, how did it affect his perspective on the Resurrection?

“We are told that after St. Peter had examined the tomb, St. John entered and when he saw, he believed. Whilst we are told in verse 9 that they didn’t yet understand the Scripture that Jesus “had to rise from the dead”, St. John had some sort of faith in the Resurrected Jesus…. Just a few verses prior to this statement of St. John’s belief (Jn 20:9), we are told that he had taken the Blessed Virgin Mary into his own home (Jn 19:27). Think about it…”

A fascinating read over at Veritas Lux Mea!

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