We Do Live in Interesting Times

We North Americans awoke this morning to the news that our beloved Papa Benedict will resign at the end of the month. I thought it was a joke; I literally racked my sleep-sodden brain to remember if this was April 1! No joke – we will, if it is God’s will, have a new pope before Easter.

The ancient Chinese supposedly cursed their enemies with the words “May you live in interesting times.” I was born in 1958 – there hasn’t been a dull moment yet! Drugs, promiscuity, contraceptives, Roe v. Wade, divorce, AIDS, the acceptance of homosexual acts, the re-definition of marriage, IVF, cloning, post-Christian Europe, soon-to-be-post-Christian America…. Christians in the 21 century face an onslaught of challenges, and we pray for a Pope filled with grace and wisdom to steer the Barque in troubled times.

Fast and pray without ceasing that God will guide the cardinals in their choice of a successor to this pope who has meant so much to the Church! And please remember to pray for Joseph Ratzinger. May God richly bless His faithful servant. In his own words:

If from time to time we may think that the Barque of Peter is at the mercy of ruthless adversaries, it is also true that we see that the Lord is present, He is alive, He truly rose again and holds the government of the world and the heart of mankind in His hand. This experience of the living Church, which lives from the love of God, which lives for the risen Christ has been, let us say, the gift of these days. Thus let us give thanks to the Lord.

On the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Deo omnis gloria!

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