New Post at Why I’m Catholic!

I had myself a nice, smug little set of preconceived notions about the Church that I summed up in one of my favorite phrases, “The Catholic Church is going to crumble under its own bloated weight. Maybe in our lifetime.”

Oh my gosh, readers, can you imagine what it takes for me to admit this? How vicious and gleefully ignorant I was about an institution that I never bothered to learn about? I figured I knew everything I needed to know- the Church hated women, sex, non-Catholics, and science. In fact, despite my growing appreciation for Mary’s faith, Catholicism never even appeared on my radar during my spiritual searches. How could it? How could I possibly consider a religion that was so out of touch with the world, so angry, so patriarchal?

So how did Cari Donaldson become Catholic? Find out here!

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